Multani Langra Mango

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The Langra mango is a popular variety of mango that is primarily grown in the Northern region of India and Pakistan. The name “Langra” means “lame” in Hindi, and it is said that the variety got its name because it was first discovered by a farmer who was lame and walked with a limp.

The Langra mango is a medium-sized, oval-shaped fruit that has thin, green skin with some yellowish tinge. The flesh of the Langra mango is pale yellow, fibrous, and has a juicy texture. It has a unique flavor that is sweet but not overly so, with a slightly tangy taste. The Langra mango is typically harvested in July and August.

In Pakistan, the Langra mango is one of the most popular and widely grown varieties of mango. The country is known for producing high-quality Langra mangoes that are prized for their taste and flavor. The province of Punjab is particularly known for its Langra mango production, with the cities of Multan and Sahiwal being major production centers.

Pakistan’s mango production is the fifth-largest in the world, with a total production of around 1.8 million tons annually. Mangoes are an important agricultural commodity for the country, with thousands of farmers involved in mango cultivation and production. The country exports a significant amount of its mango production, with the majority of exports going to Middle Eastern and European markets.

Overall, the Langra mango is an important and highly valued variety of mango in Pakistan, and its production plays a significant role in the country’s agricultural sector and economy

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